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Ignore Data Security At Your Peril

06 Jun 2013

The HMRC child benefit data scandal – the latest in a string of high profile security breaches that has left the public vulnerable to identity theft – has sharpened the focus on data security issues for directors at organisations of all sizes, spanning all sectors.

According to David Aitken, managing director of GreenWorld Electronics – the specialist on site data storage, recovery, destruction and electronic equipment disposal company – security protocols of many UK companies are woefully inadequate. Directors are still unaware of Government legislation on the disposal of electronic equipment and the huge commercial ramifications of data security shortfalls: "Shortcuts in data security, prompted by company cost cutting exercises or ignorance is a commercial time bomb – as the HMRC discovered on a catastrophic scale.

"Just ticking a box to say that your company destroys data simply isn't enough. Data destruction must be completed on site to be totally effective and part of a strict data management lifecycle strategy, not just an ad hoc corporate spring clean. The method of data destruction is equally as important. Destroying data by crushing electronic equipment still leaves businesses vulnerable to fraud as residual fragments are too large and information is still retrievable: ''300 pages of potentially sensitive data can be retrieved from just 1 inch of a computer hard drive fragment.

''Company IT equipment needs to be disposed of to specified government security standards. Complete on site data destruction and asset management is the only viable option and should be viewed as the final stage in a company's data management cycle. GreenWorld is the only UK company specialising in on site data destruction, that can disintegrate Hard Disc Drives to 2mm fragments on the company's own premises – leaving absolutely no margin for error or data leakage.

''UK companies must wise up to the fact that they need to act swiftly and incisively to ensure their data management, security and disposal is fit for 21 century business.''

With an impressive client base that spans the Government, major blue chips and BAE Systems - and over 30 years' industry experience - Wilmslow based GreenWorld Electronics removes the lottery from destroying data and handling end-of-life computer equipment. It is the only company in the UK to offer a range of unique on-site data destruction techniques that comply with government secret standard.

GreenWorld has pioneered a class leading, proprietary data destruction tool, a clone of the one used by the US military. Offering full auditability and asset tracking, the company guarantees every client total peace of mind – both for the security of proprietary data, and the intrinsic value of physical assets.

A highly experienced and adept team – all security cleared to Government secret standards – provides pan-European, next day data destruction.

GreenWorld's comprehensive portfolio of services includes complete pan-European asset management, remarketing, redeployment and environmental services for all end-of-life electronic equipment. The company also specialises in IT forensics, offering state-of-the-art data recovery and analysis techniques.

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