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Data Security

The Data Protection Act (1998) states that organisations have a duty of care obligation to ensure that confidential data - particularly that relating to employees or customers - isn’t released in an unauthorised or accidental way. This includes electronic storage media such as hard disk drives, tapes, CDs and floppy discs. 

Read full Data Protection Act here > or download it from here >
Failure to comply can lead to unlimited fines, criminal prosecution and huge compensation claims.  Nationwide was fined £2 million and is facing ongoing compensation claims in excess of £15 million.  Link to articles. BBCFSA

The only way to be guaranteed you comply with the UK Data Protection Act is to ensure all data is completely destroyed on-site to strict government security standards. GreenWorld is the class-leading European on site data destruction company.  Read more.

  • Leaking data can have potentially business threatening consequences: leading to brand damaging media exposure - adversely affecting your competitive advantage, your business’ reputation and investor confidence. Other data destruction companies work off-site, leaving data highly vulnerable during transit.  GreenWorld offers the only complete worldwide on-site data destruction service and ensures all assets have full data destruction certification on site for total auditability.
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  • 300 pages of data can be recovered from just 1 inch of hard drive.  Deleting or overwriting files, magnetising the hard drive, manually destroying the hard drive by smashing it or drilling holes in it and even putting it through an industrial crusher will not destroy all data.  GreenWorld destroys data on site to the highest Communications Electronic Security Group (“CESG”) standards – the government body that sets data security standards. GreenWorld’s unique range of data destruction methods ensure that no computer equipment leaves the premises with any remaining data.
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  • Up to 85% of asset registers in major organisations are incorrect, leading to huge asset and data reconciliation issues.  GreenWorld’s unique asset management system, SAM, reconciles and tracks assets throughout the disposal process offering total transparency and complete data destruction integrity.
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  • 1 in 10 employees remove their hard drive from their end-of-life computer to retain personal data - creating potentially disastrous data security issues for your business. GreenWorld’s stringent hard drive reconciliation process ensures that ALL data is accounted for on site. 
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  • Up to 20 per cent of data erasure is unsuccessful due to corrupt hard drives. GreenWorld is the only company within Europe capable of onsite data disintegration, using its unique SIDD hard disc drive disintegrator.
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