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Achieving the best return from your end-of-life IT assets?

  • Your business expects a return on its end-of-life electronic equipment. GreenWorld’s peerless experience of global re-marketing across 50 countries worldwide ensures that we consistently achieve maximum return on your behalf for end-of-life equipment.
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  • GreenWorld re-markets and re-uses over 90% of all equipment handled, well in excess of the industry average of 65%, ensuring maximum asset returns for your business.
  • GreenWorld can generate a significant income stream for your business by remarketing your end-of-life electronic assets. If you operate an equipment refresh policy of four years or less, this revenue will be substantially greater than any associated data destruction and asset disposal costs.

Want to re-market your end-of-life equipment but concerned about potential impact on brand?

  • Before any equipment is re-marketed, GreenWorld ensures that all traces of ownership and brand are removed, except GreenWorld’s own unique asset tracking number.
  • There’s no need for concern about safety of equipment for onward sale, as from the point of on-site sign-over, GreenWorld accepts full liability of any equipment we re-market on your behalf.