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GreenWorld: the easy route to an ethical conscience

Where your end of life electronic equipment has low perceived commercial value, or if you would prefer:

  • GreenWorld places the equipment into schools, medical centres and small businesses within developing countries.
  • Where possible any refurbishment is carried out within developing countries to facilitate the employment and training of developing country nationals.
  • This assists the developing country regeneration and provides substantial PR for your business.
  • Reuse is by far the most environmentally friendly method of equipment disposal and GreenWorld re-uses 90% equipment - the industry average is around 65%.

Mobile phone recycling scheme

Greenworld operates a mobile phone donation scheme, where for every end-of-life phone you supply up to £50 is given back to your business, which you can donate to your charity of choice. As with the donation of computer equipment, GreenWorld organises all mobile phone recycling points, removing any hassle from charity initiatives. Whilst really making a difference, your business can also benefit from excellent PR potential.


Where equipment cannot be re-used, GreenWorld recycles to the strictest environmental standards, in accordance with new environmental WEEE legislation that came into force 1 July 2007.

You and your business could face criminal prosecution, unlimited fines and significant adverse publicity if you fail to meet WEEE regulations.

  • GreenWorld surpasses all current regulations and has done since its inception.
  • We’re a licensed WEEE carrier and fully committed to a stringent environmental policy.
  • GreenWorld is a fully ISO 14001 accredited company and we assume complete responsibility for fully recycling unusable equipment to class leading standards. 
  • We’re proud to say that we operate – and always have operated – a 0% landfill policy.

Large organisations are required to submit environmental reports.

GreenWorld ensures all recycled equipment is individually asset tracked and fully auditable allowing comprehensive environmental reporting and accountability.