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Corporate fraud loses UK businesses £72 billion each year. [The Observer]

  • Failure to back up your IT equipment and mobile phones/PDAs can create a huge loss of critical business information when faults arise or accidental deletion occurs.
  • Forensic services provide the categorical evidence that you need to substantiate employee misconduct issues, whether that’s misappropriation of business information or merely inappropriate computer usage.

GreenWorld has the expertise to recover ALL data from a hard drive or phone/PDA, even when it has been ‘wiped’. 

In addition to offering unparalleled data destruction services, GreenWorld provides full, fast, effective data recovery, forensic, data analysis and expert witness services covering all disaster, human resourcing, performance monitoring and legal scenarios:

  • Hard Disc Drive (HDD) data recovery;
  • Mobile phone and SIM data recovery (SMS, Phone book etc.);
  • Secure backup of recovered data;
  • Transfer of data to new medium (HDD, DVD, SIM etc.);
  • Full forensic analysis of recovered data; and
  • Expert witness reporting