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Remarketing and redeployment


By remarketing over 90% of end-of-life electronic equipment, GreenWorld creates a significant income stream for your business.
There are huge commercial benefits, especially if you operate a refresh policy of four years or less - and re-sale revenue will be substantially greater than any associated data destruction and asset disposal costs.
With GreenWorld you can expect returns on your end-of-life electronic equipment over 30% higher than other asset management companies can offer. We also guarantee asset disposal valuations prior to equipment disposal, so that you have an unambiguous picture of the returns you will receive.
We ensure you achieve absolute maximum value for remarketed equipment as :-

  • GreenWorld’s management team has dedicated significant resource over many years to fully understand the equipment resale market dynamics across 50 countries worldwide.
  • Throughout the worldwide distribution chain, we have forged significant, long standing relationships with customers who are difficult for competitors to penetrate due to cultural barriers.
  • We have access to various types or remarketing medium, traditional and non-traditional to maximise remarketing opportunities.
  • Our industry-leading, comprehensive methodology for the secure shipment of high value electronic equipment has enabled hundreds of thousands of items electronic equipment to be shipped throughout the UK and around the world without loss.

GreenWorld’s proven methodologies have major competitive advantages: -

  • Completely robust asset tracking from collection to ultimate sale/disposal.
  • Significantly reduced insurance premiums, the saving being passed on client;
  • Access to sales markets unavailable to competitors;
  • Complete customer confidence in shipments creating robust business relationships; and
  • Access to supplier markets unavailable to competitors.


Up to 50% of IT equipment due for refresh can be re-integrated into your company, reducing yearly IT spend by approximately 25%.
GreenWorld can:

  • Cost effectively refurbish and upgrade equipment due for refresh.- both cosmetically and  to meet Electricity at Work regulations.
  • Reload client specific software suites.
  • Customise hardware with your company branding including new, generic laptop bags embroidered with your company branding, branded screensavers, mice and mouse and mouse mats.

The Electricity at Work Regulations specifically require all electrical equipment to be tested regularly to ensure it is electrically safe to use.

GreenWorld ensures your business complies by:

  • Undertaking Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) labelling to comply with electrical safety directives.
  • Logging and supply PAT tested mains leads

Where technical/Cosmetic upgrades and repairs are required to meet minimum redeployment specification our cost effective upgrade services include:

  • Ram, hard drive and DVD Rewriter upgrades
  • Laptop LCD Replacement
  • Component replacement
  • Cosmetic component replacement
  • Hard drive replacement