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Secure Industrial Disc Drive Disintegrator

GreenWorld’s Secure Industrial Disc Drive Disintegrator is one of the tools used when initial data erasure has been unsuccessful due to hard disc drive corruption.  This happens in up to 20% of all disk drives. GreenWorld is the only European company that can fully disintegrate hard drives on site to strict CESG standards, ensuring complete data destruction.
A fully reliable data destruction process

  • SIDD is a completely safe system and can be used in any office and industrial environment.
  • SIDD disintegrates hard drives into fragments no larger than 2mm. This is an accepted CESG standard of data destruction for all electronic equipment, even secret military assets.
  • SIDD provides simple, unambiguous proof that the hard drives have been disintegrated to the relevant CESG standard.
  • SIDD provides proof that all assets have been disintegrated as equipment is weighed on entering and on leaving the machine, to ensure that it has all been processed.
  • GreenWorld produces an individual SIDD data disintegration certificate for each asset before the asset fragments are removed from site.