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Objectives and policies

As a company engaged in the handling and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment, Greenworld Electronics Ltd undertakes to provide the best possible service to both our suppliers and customers whilst minimising damage to the environment.
Through a process of continuous evaluation, training, development and monitoring the company is committed to the protection of the environment. Prevention of pollution and continual improvement of company environmental performance, in line with all relevant legislation and other associated requirements, as falls within the scope of the companies activities, products and services.
Stated aims for the company are:-

  • To reduce waste generation through recovery reuse and recycling.
  • To reduce usage of electricity and gas.
  • To provide adequate resources and training to ensure understanding and maintenance of the Environmental Management System.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into the design of processes and services to avoid or minimise environmental impacts.
  • Encourage and promote the re-use of ICT products.
  • Review and audit the effectiveness of the company environmental policy.
  • Where practical work with suppliers, contractors and sub contractors to improve the environmental performance.
  • To communicate the Greenworld Electronics Ltd environmental policy to our staff, suppliers and customers.

GreenWorld’s environmental pledge

At GreenWorld we’re committed to a greener future and stamping out our own carbon footprint. With this in mind we have pledged to:

  • Complete conversion of all vehicles to Bio Diesel by the end of 2008 – cutting vehicle emissions by up to 70%.
  • Become carbon neutral by the end of 2008 – an industry first.
  • Educate our partners and clients about onward recycling options in order to encourage environmental practice.